Bagman and Robin

“Bagman and Robin” is the name of our young company. We create handbags and many other accessories too, using unusual leather and vintage fabrics as well as contemporary materials.

B&R is based in Exmouth Market, a friendly pedestrian area of independent shops and restaurants. Our shop has a workshop at the back where customers can see how we make what we offer, and the materials we use. 

Aside from bags, we produce other lifestyle products, such as coasters, lampshades, prints and door stops. The artwork on our lamps and coasters is inspired by pieces from the K.W. Lee Collection whose original paintings are also on sale. The B&R style is a blend of classical Japanese and contemporary paintings, all with a London twist.

All B&R accessories are made from the same range of leathers and vintage fabrics as the bags and so they all match the style of the bags.

We design and make a wide range of handbags, from dainty evening bags to heavy-duty overnight bags. Traditional techniques of design and up-to-the-minute materials including contemporary leather are combined with Japanese kimono fabrics from different periods to create a unique and head-turning look. 

We do not do a seasonal collection because we are constantly coming up with new designs. Our handmade bags all have their own details. 

B & R makes limited edition bags using fabric from the 40’s and 50’s and deconstructed kimonos, they have to be produced in limited editions. But we are pleased to say that every piece in our shop is handmade and so one-of-a-kind.

Bagman and Robin Art

Original paintings and prints in many sizes are also available at B&R. The artwork is a continuation of the oriental style mixed with the here-and-now London vibe that gives our products their unique appeal.